[Firefox Extension] China Channel

China Channel Firefox Add-on

The Firefox add-on China Channel offers internet user outside China to surf the web as if they were in China. Take an unforgetable virtual trip to China and experience the technical expertise of the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry (supported by western companies). It's open source, free and easy.

馬上安裝 China Channel, 讓你在世界各地都能輕鬆體驗中國網路長城的強大力量!!



用改編作品來毀了一部很棒的原作, 已經夠過份了....

改編作品爛到谷底就算了, 你有沒有試過再做一片爛到地底的? 山崎貴真的這樣幹了! 2014 搞出一部糞作 STAND BY ME ドラえもん 還不夠, 竟然在 2020 又搞了一部 STAND BY ME ドラえもん2 !? 這次終於有業界人忍不住跳出來了 痛い...