MAG 遊戲製作者: Xbox Live 玩家比 PSN 玩家幼稚

Zipper: Xbox Live "more juvenile" than PSN(GamerZines)
Zipper Interactive's Ben Jones has said that he believes Xbox Live is "more juvenile" than PlayStation Network, and that MAG "definitely fits more" to the PlayStation audience "because of the things that are being said over Xbox Live".

喂喂, 雖然說 MASSIVE ACTION GAME(MAG) 是 PS3 獨佔遊戲而且蠻受歡迎的, 但是這種說別人中二GK 等級發言真的沒問題嗎??(汗



Drobo 申請破產...

Storage firm Drobo has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy | AppleInsider 這家公司的 CEO 在兩年前有提過, 因為武漢肺炎導致供應商出問題造成生產斷鍊, 沒想到就這樣走到破產了...