Justin.tv 過幾天要把所有錄影存檔砍光光

Changes to the Video Archive System : Justin.tv Support Center

So, taking into consideration the above findings and countless discussions, we have concluded to remove all archiving after June 8, 2014. This means that live broadcasts will no longer be recorded.

好吧...來備份 orz



VMware ESXi 遠端線上升級 (upgrade from 6.0 to 6.5 with esxcli)

原本想說 ESXi 6.0 跑得好好的沒什麼問題, 上面的 FreeBSD 11.x 也順順跑, 沒想到升級到 12.x 就踩到大地雷... ESXi 6.0 的 vmxnet3 沒辦法在 FreeBSD 12.x上面用,升級上去以後回應時間會爆炸, 從本來的 〈1ms 變成 ...